Nanofiber candle filters have a wide range of applications, especially for ultrafiltration of food liquids, drinking water, pool water and other industries. They eliminate microorganisms, bacteria, rust, turbidity, etc.

Nanofiber candle filters are developed especially for:

  • Ultrafiltration of food liquids, including wine, distillates, macerates, oils, etc. Eliminates microorganisms, bacteria, moulds, turbidity, etc.
  • Ultrafiltration of drinking water, pool water from microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, moulds, and algae
  • Ultrafiltration of vegetable oils to improve nutritional properties (free fatty acids) and remove harmful residues from fertilizers and pesticides (phosphorus)
  • Use for hygienic and disinfection purposes - removal of atmospheric aerosols - dust and pollen particles, bacteria and viruses over size 50nm
  • We are also ready to discuss custom made solutions according to specific customer requirements for nanofiber filters

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