About us

Our company was founded in the year 1990 and is operating on the market more than 30 years.

Company history

    • Focusing on technical textile industry, nanoproducts, nanotechnologies, chemical products and related trade activities
    • Joining the cluster Nanoprogress
    • Research and development of innovative materials using nanofiber structures and related technologies
    • Final chemistry share decreased and increase activities in technical textile industry
    • Founded first industrial companies and their development in following areas:
      1. Final chemistry on the base of epoxides and resin
      2. Textile industry using stretch and warp knitwear technologies
      3. Production of switchboards and protective aids
    • Start of trading activities with products produced by internal companies and purchasing raw materials for own consumption
    • Start of trading activities with independent commodities of third parties
    • Consulting services and project management in restructuring industrial and financial companies
    • Creation and development of IT company