Nanofibrous belts

We are able to offer customers supply of nanofiber face masks in the form of belts (rolls) for cutting and packaging masks in customer packaging. At the same time, we are able to produce masks according to specific customer requirements (Private brand label).

Our standard nanofiber rolls for client own cutting and packing nanofiber face masks into customer packaging (Private Brand Label) are supplied in this basic technical specification:

Technical specification

  • 3 layers of laminated roll, i.e. carrier layer, nanofiber layer, cover layer
  • Nanofiber layer including delivered active substances according to the customer's choice and/or without active substances in the case of an Inert Mask
  • Roll width 25 cm, length 200 m. Rolls packed in protective foil against moisture penetration
  • In addition to this standard specification, custom made solutions can also be negotiated according to specific customer requirements

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Josef Valášek

Sales Director of the Nano-Products Division